Perfectly molded chocolates with a personalized print all in one step? it's a piece of cake with Saverde's blisters.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery we are able to create blisters in all shapes and with any design printed into them. It's even possible to insert multiple shapes and prints into one blisters, leaving room for endless creativity.

Nevertheless our blisters are economically viable as they are disposable and can be recycled.

transfer sheets

Saverde's personalized transfer sheets allow chocolatiers to create the most unique and intricate looking pralines in an instant.

Using natural color ink, any kind of design can be printed onto large sheets which can then be placed onto pralines or chocolate work and removed before the chocolate sets. With this technique there's no longer a limit to decorating chocolates.

A continuous design or one large illustration, colorful or monotonous: any kind of print is possible.


From chocolate curls and cylinders to seasonal shapes... Saverde specializes in ready-to-use chocolate decorations for gasnishing cakes, desserts and more.

Specifically tailored to the needs of our customers, we offer quality decorations in all shapes and sizes. They can be printed with any personalized design using only natural color ingredients.